Affected Gen X ?

f262226dbe79a4298d2355d6e949e5e3The disaffected youth post generated a serious amount of discussion, criticism and support from some unexpected quarters. Gen X has been most vocal with an outpouring of support because only they know how tough the journey has been and how difficult the path ahead will be for the current and future generation.

A recent article from Bernard Salt of The Australian – Boom to Bust sums it up for Gen X. It is well worth a read especially by some of the disaffected youth who claim to have exclusive rights to life not being fair and not being heard.

Generation X. We’re the MTV generation who followed the baby boomers, the crowd who came of age in the ’80s and early ’90s – the era of Madonna, shoulder pads, designer sneakers, and Daryl Somers hamming it up on Hey Hey It’s Saturday. We were shaped by global political events such as The Vietnam War, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Cold War, and the Thatcher-era government in the UK. We grew up protesting at rallies to free Soviet Jewry, watched in awe at Operation Entebbe, witnessed The rise of the PLO in Lebanon and stunning victory of  The 6 Day War. Gen X grew up under a constant threat of total nuclear war, that’s right nuclear war, total annihilation.

The disaffected youth complain they do not have a voice, their opinions are not heard but plenty of evidence exists showing many youth participating in many community organisations. Some of these organisations are not actively aligned, to every left wing trendy social justice cause, never the less they are vital parts of our community that deserve to be supported. Without them we as a community suffer and the next generation suffer’s more.

What are Gen X going to do in our community ?
Can we rely on “The disaffected youth”, to busy complaining about their exclusion to join us in the challenges we face ?

Is Gen X up to the challenge ?

What are the real issues confronting the community ? I am not referring to petty nonsense about the price of Challah at The Kosher Providore and the challenges faced in the school car park.

The real issues….

Why does The Maccabean not provide a real place for the community to debate vital issues ?
Why does the Jewish Centre sit in a state of disarray without a real plan to turn it into a thriving community hub ?
Is there a better way to connect our children to our Jewish religion, culture and heritage without private dayschool fees ?
How many Shules do we really need ?
Can we continue to rely on philanthropy ?
Do Jewish community organisations have leadership succession plans ?
Is Jewish migration a trend of the past ?


The Disaffected Entitled Youth

Disaffected YouthIn following the controversy over the left wing propaganda fund raising machine that is NIF a bigger issue has been brought to the attention of Jewgle Perth regarding the youth of our community.

The Perth community is a vibrant community with a complete duplication of the major organisation’s from the east coast present in our city, JNF, UIA, Maccabi,  Jewish Care, Bnei Akiva, Habonim etc
We also have our unique causes think Maurice Zeffert home, shules, Carmel School, Menora charity fund.

Many many youth are involved in these organisations. Menora Charity Fund is engaged with the school, youth groups to support its various activities ranging from swap meets, pickups and delivery of goods to those in need and much much more., I could devote an entire blog to the work that MCF do and why it is so important for our community but thats for another day. Yes I’m a fan of helping others, that is a foundation and pillar of Judaism not fighting over how many times a week someone gets to shule. UIA and JNF involve the youth in their activities and all organisations if they are thinking about the future should be embracing the youth of our community and bringing them into the organisation’s to keep the path of succession alive.

There are many ways to help in an organisation. Some of us prefer to volunteer for a specific activity from time to time, while others are more commitment and help on a regular basis., Those of us who are thick skinned and have the right ideals often join the boards and committees of these organisations because a greater contribution can be made. In many well run organisations the path to the committee, board of management can take a long time. Once you are on the committee you have to prove yourself and make a valuable contribution. Over a period of time that contribution might be recognised and awarded through community recognition,

 In the words of AC/DC “It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll” but the journey is the reward.  This journey can be fraught with danger as is often the case committees can become a chamber of ideas, where everyone competes for space to push a philosophy, into the community based on the ideals of the organisation. This takes time, can cause friction and most of all can be linked to high stress situations. It is not unlike a business where a CEO puts the idea to the executive and a discussion occurs as to why this path is the best path forward for the business. A good leader will defend their ideas and open them to challenge to see how they stand up, It should not be a process of abuse against another person but a way to share ideas and exchange knowledge to acheive a common and hopefully successful outcome.

The youth of today are feeling disaffected with the Perth Jewish Ccommunity, they say they are not wanted, that the “oldies” do not want change. So while the youth might have a grudge and whether or not they are correct here are some pointers that to take onboard before rushing to embrace the current mantra  “no one in the community wants me”. This may be relevant to some of you who have the pleasure of being employed with “OLDER” bosses or team members._38546867_education_300

  1. The community owes you nothing until you prove why you should be owed.
  2. You are only special because of your potential but your potential is hidden until demonstrated.
  3. Don’t expect to join a committee without putting in the hard yards first by volunteering to pack up the chairs at the end of a function, schlepp stuff or raise funds.
  4. Once on a committee know your role, position and plan of action.
  5. Expect your ideas to be challenged, This is how you grow by learning to defend the position.
  6. Don’t give up and just because people disagree with you, this is natural and you need to learn how to manage that situation.
  7. Learn how to manipulate sorry I mean work with others to lobby a position to get it adopted.
  8. You may not always get your way and that is not necessarily a personal attack on your ideas.
  9. Jewish organisations often have conservative committees in place for good reason. Many people before you have given their blood sweat and tears, to build an organisation, and they are equally passionate about anybody with a non conformist agenda from destroying their work.
  10. Everybody can play a role in helping in the community. Always consider why and where you want to be involved and go for it.Do not despair this is not an attack on you because I have also experienced the exact issues you mention in various posts and discussions. I would nothing more than to see the youth of today get involved and embrace organisations like The Maccabean and Maccabi which have some real dinosaurs at the helm. This is not to disparage their work but it is high time for them to move aside and the youth to stand up and be counted. If the youth need help there are those of us in the middle only to willing to mentor and assist where possible.


Maccabean stands strong against New Israel Fund


The Maccabean – Perth’s Jewish newspaper since 1972 has been under attack recently from the New Israel Fund for refusing to advertise a screening of “hit” Israeli TV show Magash Hakesef (The Silver Platter). The NIF are mobilising their comrades to make this issue the entire focus of the Perth Jewish Community and to brand The Maccabean as a right wing conservative voice that refuses to participate in any other agenda other than it’s own. The sheer irony of this position by The NIF only highlights how little they know about Perth and its vibrant history.

The lies must stop and the truth has to be told.

The Maccabean is a community newspaper run by volunteers and a paid administrator. Like all print media it is facing an uncertain future and there have been no signs yet of the necessary change occurring to ensure it’s survival into the future. As for the type of coverage it is usually to the left and not always supportive of the orthodox movement. However they fill a role in the community and they should be commended for taking a strong stand on this issue with the NIF. Only those who display courage in the face of adversity will be successful and as a community I urge everyone to support the Maccabean, write emails to them to show your support even if you do not subscribe. The email is

The New Israel Fund on the other hand represent a group that trade on lies and deception. While the NIF claim to “increase awareness and understanding of the importance of civil and human rights, social and economic justice, democracy, diversity, reconciliation and peace.” the mounting evidence shows this to be false. As far back as 2011 the NIF was already creating controversy highlighted by Isi Leibler on the word from Jerusalem Blog.

In recent times NIF have been exposed for receiving funding from anti-Israel American organisation’s. The NIF use that money to fund some of the most dubious anti-Israel NGO’s organisations in Israel.

Liam Getreu of the NIF, was recently challenged on the Jewish Perth facebook group, about the many contradictions of the NIF. No real answers have been forthcoming in the facebook forum. Plenty of sidestepping, dodging and diversion though, more akin to a rugby union match. The Maccabean in a statement responded to the NIF regarding their decision to ban the ad. The Chair of The Maccabean Tony Tate wrote: “The Management Committee of The Maccabean has exercised its right to decline requests to lodge advertisements. We do not intend to further discuss this decision, as has been our policy on this matter since our inception.” I wonder if the NIF feel strange when other organisations follow their mantra and refuse to explain themselves ?

It is little wonder that The Maccabean have been left with no choice, other than refusing to support the NIF and it’s mission to undermine Israel and in turn the local community.

Which side of the fence ?

Today J-Wire reported the ongoing storm in a teacup between The New Israel Fund and The Maccabean.
Kudos to the author of the article Roz Tarszisz for a balanced perspective however you have to wonder how we are ever going to become a unified community when the J-Wire webpage displays an add for the exact movie that The Maccabean has taken a stand against by refusing to promote it to The Perth Community.

Together we stand united we fall
Together we stand united we fall

Bring Back Our Boys

It’s time to reinvigorate Jewgle Perth.

Finding time to blog may be a challenge, but the events of the past few days have been astonishing and have inspired me to blog again.

Never before has the stark difference in the morality of the Jewish nation and its neighbours been laid so bare for the world to see.

Never has the global unity of the Jewish people been so evident, with the power of social media and real time communications sending the Jewish communities of the world into an overt display of solidarity, consolidating a campaign with a speed unseen before.

The Synagogues, schools, community halls and sportsgrounds of the Australian Jewish community have been filled with people reciting Tehillim (psalms).  The facebook feeds and twitter accounts have been streaming with messages of support, hope, and raw emotion.  Incredible scenes of prayer at the Kotel have been emailed, as have moving descriptive accounts by madrichim from Perth on Zionist youth programs who were present at the time.

The picture below was taken just minutes prior to uploading this post.  It is from prayer service at the Knesset, the Parliament of Israel, as they daven together for the safe rescue of our brothers.   What other nation boasts a Parliament that can accomplish such unity of purpose, sovereign expression, and yet set still reserve a place within its hall to accommodate hostile ethnic minorities?


At the same time the ABC news website posts a headline ““Israeli army arrests 80 Palestinians in bid to find three missing Jewish teenagers”.  The Herald Sun carries the headline that “Israel accuses ‘terrorist group’ as search continues for missing teenagers”.   Images flow from the Palestinian territories of celebratory acts, and other sick displays of joy that three youths have been abducted by terrorists.  To them its just another crime that Israel brought upon itself.  There are no victims here.

The Jewish perspective is somewhat different.  Gilad, Naftali and Eyal have become the sons of every Jewish family in the world.  Whilst it is regrettable that it needs to take vile and inhuman acts like this to bring forth the power of Jewish unity, it will be the collective power of the Jewish sprit that prevails.

No other nation is capable of such a heartfelt and genuine mobilisation over the welfare of their citizens.  When millions of people come together across the world in grief and compassion, willing on their army to do what it takes to rescue the captives, then we can suddenly see just how powerful a force Jewish unity can be.

To the north, east, west and south of Israel brutal acts of barbarism, the slaughter of populations, wanton terrorism and destruction prevails.  Thousands of Iranian Shiite troops battle Sunni Islamists in Iraq.    Bloodthirsty fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) are reportedly too radical for al-Qaeda, Syria burns, Egypt starves, Iran enriches uranium and the terrorists of Hizbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza stockpiles missiles for their Jihad on Israel.

All the while, Bob Carr and Gareth Evan’s biggest problem is that Australia seems to recognise that the eternal capital of the Jewish nation happens to be disputed and not occupied in the eyes of the Australian Government.

Never has the Middle East been so divided as it is today.  And never have the Jewish people been as unified as they are over their expression of hope that three young and innocent boys will be returned to their parents.

The media can report whatever narrative they like to pursue their victimisation of Israel and to romanticise the evil and very real horror of kidnappings, missile attacks, suicide bombers and gun battles that destroy humankind.  It will not change the reality that Jewish values are centred on the preciousness of life, and the horror of death.  That is our national expression.  We will cry together until there are no more tears.  That is the holiness of our people.   Our spirit cannot be broken.

dry bones


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