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There is nothing like a war to drag the incessant anti-semites out of the closet.  It is nauseating to see comments posted on news articles that have all the usual accusations; stolen land, ethnic cleansing, disproportiate force, illegal settlement, collective punishment, apartheid, Zionist lobby……


The performance by John Pilger on ABC Television this morning was true to form.  How this man has enough credibility to be invited onto a media panel is beyond me.


Some of the emails coming from our friends in Israel are very measured.  There has yet to be one that shows any joy or glee in the knowledge that they need to fight yet another war.  Yet there is an acceptance and an understanding that a near million people cannot live under the threat of missile attack.  Most of the residents, Jew and Gentile alike, understand that terrorism and existential threats have consequences, and the alternative to eliminating the threat is to sustain continued loss of life and an escalation of the threat through arms importation. 


The press coverage continues to throw out the wrong headlines, but many items do have context within them.  I read the West Australian with amusement yesterday, as they ran a headline about a “senior militant leader defiant to the end”, but included the important information about how he had sent his son to be a suicide bomber, surrounded himself with his children and four wives for protection (despite warnings), and stored bombs in his house.


Some of the news that has not reached the mainstream press include 


  • Hamas in Gaza have killed as many as 35 Fatah members and shot or injured an additional 75 whom they suspect of collaborating with Israel or simply expressed joy over Hamas getting hit.  It has been widely reported for months that Hamas often throw people they suspect of collaborating off high buildings.
  • Over the past 24 hours the palestinians have continued to fire rockets into Israel, firing at over 31 at places such as Ashkelon, Sderot, Kiryat Malachi, Netivot, and the Eshkol region.
  • Israel plans to allow another 72 truckloads of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip.  There is an excellent site here that documents the passage of aid into the area. 

There are also some interesting statistics that show Gaza by numbers, and gives good context and justitication to the strikes that Israel is now undertaking.   

Our thoughts and prayers remain with Israel, its soldiers and citizens, and also all the Palestinan victims of the Hamas totalitarian terrorist regime.  May the threat be speedily eliminated and the borders of Israel once again made secure. 

To all of those crazed people who have nothing better to do with their day except stay on line and spew vile accusations against Israel, I can recommend some vitamin B.  Go outside and get some sunshine, enjoy the day, and rest sure that Israel will indeed halt its incursion when its task of destroying the terrorist infrastructure has been complete.

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