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WA is the timezone

There is a hint of summer in the air.  It is light enough to see ourselves walk into Shule in the morning, and Shabbat is getting long enough to benefit from a good schulff. 

I’ve just discovered why Perth is the place to be.  I don’t mean to skite.  Well, OK maybe a little, but check out the time zones for daylight savings.

This year Sydney and Melbourn start daylight savings on 5 October.  That is, right after Shabbat Shuva.

Perth has the decency to wait until after YomTov, we don’t start until 26 October.

Yes that’s right.  While Yom Kippur lingers on in Melbourne, we will be breaking our fast in the early evening.  Whilst young families in the east will be making kiddush for YomTov at almost 9.00 PM at night, and having late dinners in broad daylight, we will be able to enjoy a reasonable start time for Succot.

Don’t miss Yom Tov in Perth! 



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