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When your supposed friends throw you to the lions and let the international media conduct a feeding frenzy on your caucas you’d start to wonder if they were your friends.If it was a once off you’d probably be inclined to forgive your friend. When it becomes a sustained attack it’s time to recondiser your choice of friends.

The recent Gaza flotilla media stunt only highlights the seriousness of the situation facing Israel.

The world has chosen at every opportunity to be anti-semitic, anti-Israel, anti-Jewish and now they are upset when Israel as the representative country of Jews stands up and defends itself. I have no regrets about Israel’s actions and can only commend them for taking a stance and standing up to a group of people hell bent on causing hatred and mayhem.

There will be plenty more episodes of blockade busting in the coming weeks and I encourage anyone who believes in Peace and Justice to stand proud and say it loud “Never Again”.

The world needs to stand up and listen to Israel as the lone voice of Justice in this mad world. We need to stand behind Israel and be strong.

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