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Who is a hero?

I’m not going to try to add to what Gedalia has written about the sickening incidents in Israel of the last week, resulting in the deaths of several Yeshiva Bochurim. Nor am I going to to reiterate my disgust at the Australian mainstream media’s hate filled and anti-Semitic, biased reporting of the events; which focus more on the supposed suffering (read justification) of the Palestinians than of the Israeli families.

Instead I just want to draw your attention to the definition of the word “hero”.

Israeli’s are today hailing as a hero a young, off-duty IDF soldier who, upon hearing the terrorist attack ran to the aid of suffering children, with only thoughts of saving life running through his mind. To Jews, this man is a hero.

Palestinians are hailing as “hero” a man who worked for months to gain the trust of a group of children, playing with them and talking with them, then opened fire on them, slaughtering as many as he can. To Palestinians, this man is a hero.

I think this speaks volumes.

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