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Why all the Hate?

I’ve been wondering something lately (ok – for a long time). Why is the Western media so utterly and unashamedly anti-Israel?

It’s not enough to simply claim that entities like the BBC or the ABC are openly and aggressively pursuing an anti-Israel agenda, instead let me offer you a little proof.

This week, of the 14th of July 2009 – we have seen some substantial moves in the “Middle East Peace Process”, in which the Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has offered (once again) to meet with PA head, Mahmoud Abbas – to kick start the peace talks. Tony Blair has stated Israel deserves more credit for it’s efforts towards peace []. US president Barak Obama has meet with Jewish community leaders in the US to try to convince them he is not singling out Israel unfairly (despite the fact he clearly is) [] and four Israeli’s were attacked by Palestinians for trying to pray at the grave o Joshuah [].

But what has the ABC got to say about Israel for the past two weeks?
The UK now considers Israel to be not suitable for arms sales
Evil Israel is writing street signs in Hebrew
Crazy Jews want people to respect Jewish customs, when in a Jewish city

That’s it. Nothing but negative stories, portraying Israel in the most negative light possible and always only showing one side of the story.

The BBC is of course no better:
Aggressive Israel won’t get out of Syria (never mind that Syria started that war)
Racist Israeli FM disrespectful to wonderful, peace loving Abbas
And of course – Crazy Jews want people to respect Jewish customs, when in a Jewish city

The Saudi Arabian owned CNN doesn’t even have any articles on Israel at all. Every single article on their site is aimed at their arch enemy, Iran.

Likewise the local newspaper, The West Australian, has not had any articles in recent days covering the above mention events at all.

So why does the “Western” media totally ignore any positive stories about Israel, and spend all it’s energy on hunting down negative stories? What’s with a story about street signs – how is that international news? Do you think there’s an article in Spain lamenting that the streets of Perth don’t have any signs in Spanish and concluding that all Australians are racist monsters? Seriously. Why does our media work so hard to only reinforce negative ideas about anything Jewish?

Why does the ABCs reporter in Israel, Anne Barker, openly admit that despite the fact she lives in Israel for her job, not know a single thing about Jewish culture nor speak a word of Hebrew []? Why was she selected for such a posting, when she openly and repeatedly shows utter disdain for the culture of the people she has chosen to live amongst? Can you imagine the ABC sending a reporter to Tehran or Moscow, who was so utterly and wilfully ignorant of the local culture, customs and laws? The logical conclusion would appear to be that Anne was selected for the role precisely because she shows such open disdain for Jewish culture and such sympathy of the Palestinian people.

When people talk about the Jewish controlled media, I wonder if they have the faintest idea what they’re talking about. Israel is outrageously and atrociously vilified in the West beyond any proportion or parallel. Media outlets go out of their way to paint a disingenuous picture which, to me, has the clear intent of portraying Israel – and Jews – in the most negative light possible.

This is a clear cut case of racism and propaganda and in the case of the ABC and the BBC, by the respective States themselves.

I wonder why we tolerate this kind of behaviour so readily?

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