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Zentai case resumes

There is more sensationalist media coverage about the extradition trial of Chales Zentai.  The article is about Mr Zentai’s decision to independently sit a polygraph lie detector test, and the results turned out to be a pass. 

The coverage again misses the point.  This is not a trial by media.  This is also not a court trial in Perth to determine whether Mr Zentai is innocent or guilty.  This is a trial in the Australian legal system to determine whether extradition orders should be upheld. 

Hungary has requested Mr Zentai returns to his native country to face its justice system, and has indicated it has sufficient evidence to trial Mr Zentai for Holocaust war crimes.  Nobody in Australia, least of all this blog, is qualified to cast aspertions relating to Mr Zentai’s guilt or innocence.  However we must allow the justice process to prevail.

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