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No Sympathy for the Foolish Flotilla

Breaking News:

“A convoy of ships sailing towards Australia to protest against Australian democratic soveriegnty has been warned not to enter Australian territories.  Having disregarded the warnings, and reasserted their intentions, the protestors continued to advance.  Australian troops bordered the ships to escort them to port.  Violence broke out.  The Australian troops were attacked and some of their weapons were snatched.  The protestors, armed with “humanitarian aid” to give to a group recognised by the Australian Government as a terrorist organisation, opened fire on the Australian troops.  In defence, the troops secured control of the boat and successfully prevented it from reaching its destination.  At least ten of the illegal immigrants were killed during the incursion.”

Now imagine if an event of that nature had occurred off the coast of Western Australia.  How would the media have framed their reporting of this event, especially if they had provided coverage of the impending convoy in the days leading up to the above battle?  You would correctly expect that the media would consider the action of the troops not only justified, but a necessary defensive measure.  The efforts of the Australian troops to prevent the ships from landing would have been considered a “success”.

Imagine the same situation off the coast of America with US marines involved.  Had the US weapons reached the hands of combatants there would very likely have been no ship left to tow to shore.

Yet again, Israel is maligned and castigated as an aggressor, for defending itself against morally impaired enablers of terrorism.  This is not about the border of Gaza.  This is about the ability of Islamist supporters and their media enablers to garner sympathy for their unashamed and unconcealed objective to eliminate the Jewish state. 

Have you seen one article in the Australian press that questions what so called objective “journalists” were doing accompanying radical protestors that support a terrorist regime?  Have we gone completely insane when we see images on TV where Israel is accused of a massacre for defending its borders, having made its sovereign rights perfectly clear?  Those lives would not have been lost had the instructions of the Israeli border control been respected and upheld.  Do not blame Israel for responding to a vile threat of its territory, and an unjustified publicity stunt that is directed towards the existential security of its people. 

Before you defend these low life protestors, consider that they were yelling anti-Semitic slogans.  Before you scream civilians and children, ask just what civilians and children are doing being thrust into a stage managed provocation. 

These people are anything but peace activists.  No doubt in the coming days you will see a lot of invective directed towards Israel.   You will see bleeding heart media stories full of lies about defenceless protestors being attacked.  You will see accusations of Israelis opening fire in cold blood.  You will not hear about the peace activists that failed to offer humanitarian support to Gilad Shalit.  You will not hear about the statements of “regret” from the Israel Government (contrasted only to the statements of Hamas leaders who rejoice over dead Jews).  You will not hear about the sovereign rights of Israel to defend its borders. 

Advocacy to present Israel’s side of the story is vitally important.  I encourage you to visit my friends on the blogosphere, particularly Speakup4Israel and Israellycool for good resource information.    

Strap yourself in and brace yourself.  We are in for a torrid season of anti-Israel media bashing.  Which will continue until the same situation arise in other countries – when all you will be able to hear is the hypocrisy of Governments defending their borders against undesirable and illegal invaders.

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