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Welcome to the Jewgle Perth

We are a group of mostly anonymous bloggers, all members of the Perth Jewish community, Western Australia.  We have been blogging since 2007, and a history of our posts remains accessible and searchable on this site.  The intention of this blog is to provide a forum to publish opinion, commentary and analysis about the local Jewish scene.  We are not afraid of challenging the status quo and calling those who care about the future wellbeing of our small but vibrant community to contribute towards visionary and responsible decision making.

If you have stories, issues, events that relate to our community organisations (Shules, school, community not for profit groups or the broad relationship of the community to greater Perth) feel free to publish them here by using our comments facility.

You can also email with all the details and it will appear on the website.

The Perth Jewish community comprises of about 8,000 people, and is one of the Jewish Diaspora’s best kept secrets.  We have a school, eruv, kosher shops, four Orthodox shules, old age home, sports facilities, Jewish Centre, and many active community groups.  There are about 200 observant modern Orthodox families, and about 600 children in the Jewish school.  The community is diverse in many ways, but has a number of common issues relating to our continuity, growth, security, religious, festive and cultural activities.  We are, geographically speaking, the most isolated Jewish community in the world.

Our blog represents a Modern Orthodox perspective.  We hope you enjoy the site and encourage you to contribute.

The remaining part of the blogging team remains anonymous.  We are not ashamed of who we are or what we stand for.  However regrettably during the time we have been blogging personal security threats and online hate has required us to protect our personal identities.  We ask our readers to respect our anonymity as a matter of internet safety.

Jewgle Perth Editorial Policy

The following policy has been established for this blog:

1)     Jewgle Perth is a team of bloggers (“editorial team”), all active members of the Perth Jewish community.  The team are members of various Orthodox Shules, and often differ in outlook on various issues of discussion. Views posted by bloggers are the responsibility and viewpoint of each blogger only; we do not edit each other’s work, nor approve or disapprove our respective opinions.

2)     The purpose of Jewgle Perth is to provide a forum for discussion and alternative medium for the expression of opinion on issues that are of relevance and interest to the Perth Jewish community.  In providing this forum the Jewgle editorial team also wish to profile the achievements, issues, and activities that concern Perth Jewry.

3)      The editorial bias of Jewgle Perth is proudly Modern Orthodox.  In publishing this blog we do not represent any one organisation or affiliate body within the Perth Jewish community.

4)     The editorial team has chosen to remain anonymous in order to protect the privacy and identity of the administration team from bias, prejudice, threats and other undesirable actions.  We do not consider that anonymity impacts the integrity or the objectives of Jewgle Perth.

5)     Jewgle Perth is entirely voluntary and has no commercial interests.

6)     Jewgle Perth welcomes the posting of comments from readers.  We do not advocate censorship and do not moderate comments prior to posting unless particular users have previously abused the rules and spirit of the forum.

7)     Should a posted comment identify any particular individuals, or include content that is potentially defamatory, offensive, unverifiable, or dangerous to the interests of the Perth Jewish community, its members or organisations, then any member of the Jewgle Perth editorial team at their sole discretion reserves the right to immediately temporarily disable or remove the posting.  Where a valid email address is supplied we will, if considered appropriate, contact the poster and propose a moderated comment in place of the initial posting.  However we will not censor on the basis of viewpoint and welcome alternative expressions that do not breach the boundaries of fair discussion, as deemed suitable by the editorial team.

8)     Members of the editorial team accept no liability for the comments posted by its readers, and, although efforts are made to regularly check comments and ensure that an appropriate tone is maintained, cannot control the immediate posting of comments by our readers.

9)      Contributors to Jewgle Perth should realise that their comments are placed in an open domain and forum and can be accessed and copied by any internet user.  It is deemed that any poster to this site is aware that their comments are intended for publication in a public environment.

10)     The authors of postings to this blog reserve copyright on the content.  No postings may be reproduced or extracted for republication without the prior approval of the author.  In such case that permission is given, acknowledgement of the source of the item is requested.

11)     When reposting intellectual property within the blog and comments, a source is required where the material is not the original work of the poster.

Content in JewglePerth may contain copyrighted material, the use of which may not have been specifically authorised by the creator of intellectual property, or the copyright owner.  Such material is made available on a non-profit basis for educational and discussion purposes only.  If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes that go beyond what is regarded in Copyright law as “fair use,” you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.

12)    Further policy issues and the exercising of the terms of this editorial policy is solely at the discretion of the editorial team.

13)    The editorial team accept no legal liability for the content of this blog.