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Visitors guide to Perth

This page has been designed for Jewish tourists and those who are visiting Perth and wish to avail themselves of Jewish community facilities. Also, a little information about how to get around and what to see.

1) Minyanim

The Perth Jewish community currently has three functioning Orthodox Shules, and also operates Shabbat Services at the old age home. On any given morning there are at least three minyanim to choose from (6.15 to 6.30 AM start), and on Sunday morning there are options to daven at 7.00 AM and 8.00 AM. In the afternoon there are Mincha/Maariv services at Zman, and a late Maariv at 9.00 AM. Shabbat morning tefillah commences at the various shules at 9.00 AM, 9.30 AM or 10.00 AM.
For the Shule contacts please visit the websites:

Perth Hebrew Congregation

Dianella Shule Mizrachi Perth (also known as the Beit Midrash of WA)

Chabad House

To arrange Shabbat hospitality please email the shules using the contact links on their respective websites.

2) Food

There is a kosher bakery/butcher and grocery shop in Perth. The Kosher Providore is adjacent to the Perth Hebrew Congregation.

The Coles supermarket in Flinders Square (Dog Swamp) & Dianella Plaza have a kosher section with an extensive range of meat products.

There are two major kosher catering specialists. Whilst generally focssed on preparing functions, both companies deliver to hotels and also have shabbat orders available for pick up. This only works when booked in advance, and bear in mind that the crockery and freight added to meals that are delivered to hotels makes this an expensive option. However arranging to collect from the caterer is an effective and easy way to move around.

The Kosher Caterers are:

Yofi’s Catering – Phone 9375 3822

Heyder & Shears – Phone 9221 4110

If you are in Australia for an extended period it is worth buying a Kosher Food Directory (available through Kosher Australia) as you do need to know what to look for. Some more local Western Australian information is available from the local Kosher agency KAWA. General Kashrut information is accessible from Kosher Australia, and the NSW Kashrut Authority also has an online products directory that can assist to identify many kosher products on the shelves of Perth supermarkets.

There are a number of Baskin and Robbins stores that stock kosher ice creams and cones. In particular the Subiaco branch has well marked lists of kosher items.

3) Mikveh

The community operates one Mikveh which is onsite at the Perth Hebrew Congregation. A roster of attendees applies. Please contact the Shule for more information.

4) Accommodation

It is difficult to find hotel or motel accommodation within the Eruv area or close to the Jewish community centres. Hotels in the Central City are a good hour’s walk from the Jewish area and therefore difficult for Shomrei Shabbat travellers. The best option now is to use AirBNB, Stayz etc. Private accomodation is available and for that option it is best to consult with the local shules.

5) Sites of Interest

There is a Jewish war memorial at Kings Park which is quite unique. Occasional heritage tours regarding Jewish life in former districts such as Fremantle or Northbridge are hosted by community groups. Aside from this, there are few signifcant tourist attractions of a specifically Jewish nature.

In general, Perth tourism is centered around our coastline, from Mandurah and Rockingham in the South, to Scarbourough and Hillary’s Boat Harbour in the north. A trip to Fremantle is a must, as is a visit to the central city, inclusive of Kings Park. Sport at Subiaco Oval or the WACA, arts in the City or at Burswood, and landmark drives to Midland and the Swan valley provide a range of tourist locations. Regionally, the wildflower season often attracts visitors, and camping/fishing holidays are popular with the locals.

6) Events

For community events, pick up a copy of the Maccabean newspaper from the Kosher Providore. Most events are advertised, and there is not a week that goes by where there isn’t some form of communal activity, presentation, or festive occasion.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Perth. To connect to the Jewish community, visit a Shule and you will be assured of a warm welcome.