What happened to the Jewish Centre ?

As a community we have so much to be proud of, the State’s leading academic school, synagogues catering to all facets of Judaism, community aged care facilities, youth groups, cultural functions and leadership in droves. We are proudly represented in the wider community by individuals, who have been successful in almost every field and discipline. Yet we have a disaster, of our own making, in our very own backyard.

The Jewish Centre was built for a different Perth. A time before waves of immigration, changed the face, and expectations of the community. A time when the community, could be supported from traditional fundraising activities. The Jewish centre as it stands now is a relic of its former self. The infrastructure is in urgent need of repair, the business model is broken, and the function centre, underutilised.

The tireless work undertaken, by the current committee is only a band aid approach, and the best that can be done given the circumstances and history. It is time for the patchwork to stop and wholesale surgery undertaken.

A public/private partnership model could be undertaken where retail shops, commercial and special use office space, a shared kitchen facility, accommodation, memorials to the various Jewish events in our calender and a modern function centre, could all be considered as part of a new vibrant Jewish centre for our community. The funds could possibly come from the private sector, who build and operate the facility for a period of time, after which it passes back to the community to manage and operate. All we need to do as a community, is offer our support by utilising the facilities once it has been rebuilt.

The centre is appealing for funds to make urgent repairs and I am sure that any support they receive would be appreciated.


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