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Who is a Jew?

This is a contentious issue at the very best of times. Here’s a disclaimer for you: this article won’t be the very best of those times. So, despite the “catchy title”, I won’t be attempting to answer that question in any way – nor passing judgement. Just raising an issue for discussion and thought.

Let me present a thought for you. When Moshe climbed Mt Sinai and received the Torah, he received both the written an oral laws. The written laws were passed to the nations – the oral laws were ours, alone to keep. This is one of the very things which distinguishes the Jew from the non-Jews.

So how do you take a person who utterly rejects the oral law and tries to interpret the written law himself, as he goes along? How do you take a person who says, and I quote (Maccabean, pg. 9, 2nd May 2008) “.. It is obvious this Torah Law violates human rights and is therefore unacceptable…” – someone who decides for himself what’s Godly and what’s not, someone who states outright that he believes he is above God.

At the very least, this man is confused. If one accepts there is a God, and the Bible is His work, be it “inspired by” or “by the hand of”, then it is just that – His word. One cannot believe in a God and then simply chose to dismiss God’s word. That’s, by definition, not belief. You cannot dismiss the word of a God you believe in, if you truly believe.

I feel sad for people like this. What a confusing life they must lead – they have a God – but even to them, he’s kind of a joke, certainly not very real. Kind of there for the holidays and back in his box, when you don’t need him.

This must make a person very insecure. So insecure they they’d be compelled to spend their twilight days churning out the same article, every week, like some discounted Hollywood hack, launching the same tired attack over the same tired points, in a desperate attempt to validate ones self by denigrating others.

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