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When we die as Martyrs

Ever wondered why peace is so hard to find, in the Middle East? This is currently the most popular children’s song. The group behind it, “Birds of Paradise”, are based out of Bahrain and have no direct connection to Israel/Palestine. They’re not suffering refugees; they’re just indoctrinated with hate. [youtube][/youtube]

60 Minutes Hate

Jewgle readers will be interested in the following 24 September 2009 update from the Zionist Council of Victoria, about the the recent libellous 60 Minutes program “Hate Thy Neighbour” on the Nine Network, by Producer Howard Sacre and Journalist Liam Bartlett. (I’m quoting it virtually in full, because of the many …

Australian Foreign Minister sells out Israel

It is being reported that the Government has supported the latest round of UN bashing against Israel.  “Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith says Australia has voted against Israel on two United Nations resolutions because it is committed to the Middle East peace process. Over the weekend Australia changed its vote …

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