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The failure of Muslim Immigration

Multi culturalism together with immigration has become one of the greatest experiments ever undertaken in Australia. It has become an imperative to prop up the existing population and provide labour for industry whilst also allowing those seeking asylum a safe haven. Australia’s declining birth rate makes this more necessary than in previous generations.

Head in the sand

History of Muslim Immigration to Australia

Immigration into Australia has always been a constant starting with the Chinese in the 1850’s during the gold rush era. Post World War II many nationalities came to Australia such as the British, Italians and Greeks along with many Jewish refugees  from all over Europe. Throughout the 70’s, 80’s we welcomed the East Timorese,  Vietnamese and Cambodians. The 90’s saw a large influx of South Africans which had been preceded by a steady influx during the late 1980’s. Many of those who came to Australia worked hard, established businesses and for the most part adopted this new way of life.

Muslim immigration to Australia has a rich history as far back as the 16th and 17th centuries pre white settlement of Australia. Indonesian Muslims known as “Macassans” shared their lives with local Indigenous people throughout Northern Australia engaging in trade, marriage and family.

Muslims came to Australia as sailors and convicts in the 18th and 19th centuries. In the 1800’s Muslims known as “Afghan cameleers” came from Pakistan and India with camels to assist the trekking of the Australian outback. (Not that different today except we buy a Japanese made 4WD drive to assist with the outback trekking). From the 1920’s Albanian Muslim’s provided farm labour in Queensland for the sugar cane, tobacco and cotton regions. During the 1940’s many Turkish Cypriots migrated to Australia and in the 1960’s many Bosnian and Kosovar Muslims came for work on the snowy mountains Hydro electric scheme.

Prior to the 1970’s Muslim migration was small and isolated. As instability pervaded the Middle East beginning with the Lebanese civil war in the 1970’s many fled the conflict zones and came to Australia. In the 1990’s Muslim immigration increased as conflict raged in Lebanon, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Kosovo, Iraq,  Afghanistan, Sudan and Somalia.

It is commonly accepted that various immigrant groups can bring their own set of problems to another country. It is well known that certain ethnic groups are aligned to different areas of crime in a state or regional area often dominating through violence, fear and intimidation.

Most of those who settled in Australia have contributed vastly to the betterment of our society through contributions and success in industry, education, community and politics.

Often first generation migrants do what they can to survive and provide a better life for their children and families. Witness the Italians and Greeks who came and were known for running fruit and vegetable shops, fish and chips shops, and being involved in construction especially concrete. Where as the first generation had no choice but to work often building successful business empires , the second generation had the opportunity to complete professional tertiary studies and it was not uncommon to see many Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants with Greek and Italian surnames becoming very prominent and respected in their own and the wider communities.

Since Oct 7th The Australian Labour Party otherwise known as “The lack of Integrity and backbone party” decided that issuing 800 fast track visas to “Gazan” refugees was a just and worthwhile cause. There was an impossibly small amount of time to conduct background checks or do any due diligence of a reasonable standard. Even though they are reportedly temporary vias we all know they will never going to leave.  Contrast this to the experience of genuine refugees and immigrants to Australia. The amount of red tape endured and cost is significant. The imported Gazans were flown here at our expense while we take all the risk for resettlement.

Ironically, Israel is very experienced at resettling and repatriating refugees thanks to the lack of hospitality shown by our Arab neighbours. All Penny Wong has to do is pick up the phone and ask Bibi for help, however true to form she would probably ask Mahmood Abbas for his help instead.

The European Experience

What happens when the experiment goes wrong and the cracks start to appear in a policy that had the best of intentions? What if an ethnic group comes to Australia does not integrate, respect the law of the land, and become an acceptable contributing group to society?

In Australia as of 2024 there are approximately 100,000 Jews and 800,000 Muslims. That is a ratio of 8:1. Other countries such as France are approx. 10:1 and in the UK where it is 13:1. What is important to remember is that any ratio above 1:1 becomes a problem for the safe continuity of Jewish life.

In Australia Muslims only comprise 3.2% of the population, France 10% and the UK 6.7%.

European Muslim Immigration

Research by the Pew Centre highlights ratios of Muslims in various European countries from 2016. This is no doubt these numbers are much worse following waves of illegal immigration from the Middle East due to the war in Syria and a concerted effort by Muslim countries to spread themselves out across the world. Once emigration of Jews from the Europe to Israel is taken into account the numbers will be dire.

The issues arising from this level of immigration in Europe are confronting. Muslims tear at the fabric of society and become enclaves, answerable to no authority. Local populations become afraid, politicians are intimidated and threatened regularly and there has been a substantially large increase in cases of sexual assault often violent against the white local population.

This is combined with a much higher overall birth rate compared to the local population which means over time the Muslim population becomes more entrenched and dominant.

What about Australia ?

We may be down under but we are certainly not out of reach. Our great multi cultural experiment has become a disaster just looking at the behaviour of the local Muslim population. That is not taking into account various instances of African gang violence in all states of Australian.

The data seem small and meaningless and would have been ignored prior to the wake up call on October 7th when 1200 Jews were massacred, raped and  tortured  by Hamas.

Since the 7th Oct in Australia we have seen the finest examples of totally abhorrent behaviour on display in Australia. Beginning with the protests at the opera house, vial racially motivated sermons in Mosques and a total and utter failure by every Muslim representative organisation to denounce unequivocally the events of Oct 7th and subsequent local anti-semitic rallies.

This same threat was on display in Sydney as far back as September 11 when Lakemba (Home to the biggest Muslim population in Sydney as well as the giant Mosque) erupted in celebration as the twin towers collapsed. Now the Muslim population has turned their attention to the local Jewish population.

The community response has been rather mute because many think that Jewish life in Australia will continue on as per normal and everything will be “OK”. I am sure the same sentiment was held by the Jews in Europe in the 1930’s. The dynamics of population growth, rise of politically led anti-semitism, a totally corrupted tertiary education sector and gutless display of law enforcement means that the decline of Jewish life in Australia has begun.

If you think I am being alarmist just remember that the blue haired Taliban protesting at universities across Australia otherwise known as “Useful Idiots” will get jobs in Australia and will use these opportunities to write policy against Israel or deny opportunities to you and your children, just because you are a “Zionist”

The same will happen with the local Muslim population who are now second generation immigrants where their children will become professionals and have influence in their circles. Simply by way of numbers their influence will be greater than the local Jewish population. This is one of the many reasons why social media sources trend towards demonising Israel because there are simply more Muslims who can click and share a post than Jews and their supporters, which all influences the algorithms negatively.

What happens next in Australia ?

If you are a community organisation claiming to represent the Jewish population of Australia you simply become an ostrich and bury your head in the sand. Nothing to see here please move along. To date I have seen many statements calling out unacceptable and anti semitic comments or behaviour expecting that the local Muslim population and its supporters will morph their views into ones of compassions and sympathy for the plight of the local Jewish population and Jews in general. I am not holding my breath waiting for that to eventuate and neither should you.

If you understand that the world has changed its time to seriously think about what this means for your community, your family and yourself. How long have you got being safe in Australia ?  I don’t pretend to know other than prior to Oct 7th it was greater than post Oct 7th.

The consequences for smaller communities are more dire but this will no doubt have a serious impact on the larger Jewish population centres of Sydney and Melbourne.

Pesach culminated with the biggest mass exodus in history, perhaps this time it can be planned and less chaotic.

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  1. A well written and researched piece that highlights not only the background of Muslim immigration but also what the future could possibly be.

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