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The Jewish Community Council of WA would be perceived by many as biased in pursuing they’re ever expanding woke agenda. The latest episode is the upcoming Voice debate, which is more interesting for what it doesn’t mention.

All the promotional questions are neutral giving the event an air of respectability until you start researching all four speakers, all of whom are on record for the yes vote. The appearance of respectability vanishes when you start digging. Not surprisingly a number of people within the community are starting to become agitated at the way an issue, which has nothing to do with any Jewish community and everything to do with us as individuals is being rammed down the collective Jewish community’s throat.

See below a letter that appeared in the Maccabean a few weeks ago by Aaron Posner.

letter to editor

More disturbing, is witnessing the impending implosion of
the sister organisation’s to the JCC of WA over East, especially in Victoria.
The JCC of Vic continues to follow a path that has alienated at least half, if
not more of the community members, giving rise to the Australian Jewish Association.

Like the JCC of WA, other so called community organisations,
claim to lead the communities they are purported to represent, only to ignore
their members voices and pursue an agenda counter to the overall benefit of the

Don’t get me wrong, we should be able to debate topics with a
full representation of views from within our community allowing for robust and
passionate debate. What the JCC of WA have effectively done is killed debate
and free speech. The next step on the slippery slope will be labelling anyone
as racist for daring to disagree with the policy platform thrust upon our

In case the JCC of WA has not heard the communities VOICE
(the sheer irony) it may be prudent to take note of the bigger concerns in our
community, starting with assimilation, the recent anti Israel labour vote a
lack of co-ordinated policy for the youth, fundraising for Israel and community

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