Annapolis begins today

Annapolis begins today

Today is the day the Peace Summit in Annapolis begins.

So what can we expect from it? Will it be another round of talks that go nowhere? Or is the real chance for peace? Or, as is most likely, will Israel walk away having given away a lot, in return for nothing and be held to their promises by the international community while the Palestinians fail to keep a single promise (while the International community keeps quite).

Reading the media online (ABC, BBC, CNN, etc) it seems this is the general desire of the World at large. Most people seem to expect Israel to give the Palestinians everything they want, yet have no expectations of any kind of trade. Furthermore, they fully accept the Palestinians cry of “factionalism”, preventing them from actually stopping any kind of terror attacks. So I ask, if they Palestinian government is too weak to keep any of the promises they may make over the next few days, why the hell are we bargaining with them?

I hear a lot about what Olmert is offering as a trade – yet I hear nothing about what Israel gets in return.

The next few days will be very interesting but with countries like Iran vowing to ensure the talks fail, I don’t expect much to come of it.

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