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Assorted Succot musing

Spring has arrived in Perth, a little late, but good enough to allow us to sit in the Succah in very comfortable conditions. Courtesy of my neighbours I have a selection of several wireless connections, and the opportunity to contemplate many things.

I’ve been reading a number of items in the Israeli press. I love reasoned debate that challenges the status quo, provided it is based on informed sources. Such as the Ynet article that puts forward the suggestion that we should take the Lulav on Shabbat.

Better still, this nonsense we endure in chutz la aretz called second day yomtov is also one of our halachic peculiarities that is worth understanding a little more. All power to the Rabbis, but what a shame that at the time of constituting the calendar they could not bring themselves to make bold judgements about the way our temporal existence in the Diaspora is constructed.

For those who like learning Hebrew, I recommend the easy Hebrew Today website that puts together interesting articles. If you want to read about the less than sophisticated view that Israeli’s have of the Australian propensity to gamble, try this link.

I’ll leave you now to enjoy your chol hamoed. If you are locally based, watch out for lots of activities. A big Yisher Koach to the PHC who will open their Youth Centre tonight, may it be always full of activity and Jewish learning. A big Yisher Koach to Bnei Akiva who will host a function at Noranda Shule. (That is also tonight. Surely, just this once, we could have avoided a clash?) The Perth Yeshivah has a learning program on Hoshana Raba. Simchat Torah at Chabad is rumoured to be big.

So while we have the wonderful combination of sunshine and chol hamoed, I encourage you to now follow my example. When you have had enough reading, get out and about and enjoy the flurry of activity.

Moadim Lisimcha.

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