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The Jewish Community Council of WA would be perceived by many as biased in pursuing they’re ever expanding woke agenda. The latest episode is the upcoming Voice debate, which is more interesting for what it doesn’t mention.   All the promotional questions are neutral giving the event an air of respectability until you start researching all […]

Open Letter to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

Dear Mr Albanese Last year you wrote an open letter to the Australian Jewish Community for Yom Haatzmaut in which you said “No matter which party is in power here, Israel will have Australia’s friendship and support.  As leader of the Australian Labor Party, I can tell you that you will always have ours”. A […]

World Vision Implicated in Terrorism Funding Scandal

Way back in 2013 a meeting was held between World Vision representatives including CEO Tim Costello and representatives of Shurat HaDin. World Vision claim to be a humanitarian and aid organisation accepting funding from Australian Government. Shurat HaDin pursue those involved in terrorism and undermining the State of Israel, to justice through the legal system. […]

6 million problems and the Jewish Centre ain’t one

Everyone would agree that the current Jewish Centre needs to be demolished and rebuilt. For too long now it has been a representation of Perth from the 1980’s. Forty years on, the appearance is dated, it is not functionally usable or economically sustainable. With all the hoopla surrounding the recent funding announcement, and there will […]

Thoughts, Prayers, and Action

This is an unapologetic, unconventional blog post with an unexpected conclusion. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of Pittsburgh who were shot to death during their Sabbath prayer service for no reason other than being Jewish. As is so often the case, thoughts and prayers are simply not enough. They may (and do) […]

One Community – One Shabbat

For traditionalists the concept of the Shabbat project and the emphasis on a single shabbat’s worth of observance might appear as the antithesis of Judaism, but as our community evolves, we need to look beyond traditional avenues of engagement and expand our reach into the wider community using different methods, to spread the word of […]

Structure before Infrastructure

Congratulations to my fellow Jewgle blogger for fearlessly raising a topic of utmost importance. I’d like to share a further perspective. What attracted me to the Jewish community of Perth some 20 years ago, and remains as valid today, was the quality of the people in the community. The community has great infrastructure, which was […]

Our Community Infrastructure

Without a doubt Perth is a very transient community. Riding the back of South African immigration in late 80’s and early 90’s, led to the expansion of the community and it’s institutions. The mining boom enabled further expansion of the community, with many young families joining the Perth tribe. In the post mining boom and […]

Turning Up for Yom Yerushaliem

It’s been some time since I was active in the blogosphere. I am of the view that if a person cannot constructively contribute then they should get out of the way of those who do. Constructive criticism fits the definition, and I end my blog hiatus on this mantra, by drawing some observations about our […]

Carmel spreads its wings – “Giving Life to old news” Art Exhibition

Last Sunday Carmel School hosted an art exhibition for The Really Useful Recyclers. The Really Useful Recyclers make paper art from mainly recycled paper. They produce various artworks, comprising different themes which are truly amazing and inspiring, not just because of the ingenuity or hard work invested into the design and production process. What makes […]

AJA versus NIF

There are some in our community who beleive that the NIF, not having a forum to advertise, espouse their duplicitous and dishonest policies towards Israel is a major impediment of free speech. These same people have tried to equate the NIF not having a forum as unfair and unjust, because a non left wing leadership […]

Affordable Jewish Education – Where ?

Australia has a Jewish education system, considered by some to be world class and held in very high esteem. Combining secular studies with Jewish learning, and catering to every spectrum of religious observance or thought, it is hard to argue the importance of our Jewish educational institutions, specifically the Jewish dayschool movement. These results have […]