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Credit where it is due

This blog has been quick to bag the West Australian on two occasions over the past few months for biased reporting.

Today there is an article that raises awareness of Richard Goldstones effective retraction of his outrageous report on the Gaza incursion at the start of 2009.  That report concluded that both Israel and Hamas committed “war crimes”.  Israel took action and investigated the report.  Hamas have done nothing except fire more missiles into Israel.  The very attempt of thew Goldstone report to deliver a conclusion of moral equivalence was flawed, and now that Goldstone apprently recognises this, although the damage has been done, is important news coverage.  It is gratifying to see this accurately reported.

There is also an article in the news section that notes the Green’s anti-Israel stance in the NSW was a critical cause of their poor election stance.  It is also important that this matter is publically recognised and not ignored.

The West deserves credit for the inclusion of these stories and their coverage on these matters in today’s paper.

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