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Daylight come and I want to go Home

On the back of yesterday’s comment, another “small issue” that relates to Jewish living was raised today (by email, and not by comments, as the hundreds of readers of Jewgleperth do not seem to want to engage in dialogue just yet…..)

The issue is daylight saving, and it is as divisive an issue that you will find anywhere in Perth. 

When the trial commenced in Perth last year I didn’t really mind.  After all it was the middle of Summer and the longer evenings were great for outdoor living.  But as summer wore on, the shortfalls of the long hours made themselves apparant.  The climate of WA proved itself to be far from conducive to long hot evenings.  The routine of family life was disturbed by late nights that were hard to settle.  Generally, the benefits of daylight saving were found to be far less than the adverse impact of the change, and I can’t wait for my chance, along with the majority of the population, to reject the concept when it goes to vote in two years.

So how did daylight saving impact on Jewish living?  First of all, Shabbat is pushed late into the evening at both ends.  A family dinner with children who are used to dining at 6.00 PM does not work when you don’t get to the kiddush cup until after 8.30 PM on Friday night.  The chance for a true Shabbat dinner is stifled by the change of hour. 

Another change is that, toward the end of summer, the earliest time for tefillin is pushed as late as 6.35 AM, meaning a later start to shacharit, and a trek to shule in the dark of summer!

From Jewgle Perth to the State Government:  A big thumbs down for daylight saving.  It may be good for the rest of Australia, but its not good for us!

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