The Perth Yeshivah has a very unique and special fundraising opportunity on offer.  With the dedication of a new Sefer Torah, a siyum is to be held, with the last 250 letters of the Torah available for sale by donation.

Last week’s Maccabean contained a brochure for the community to take advantage of fulfilling the Mitzvah of writing a Torah, and contributing tzedakah to the Yeshivah at the same time.  The Rambam defines a persons obligation of writing a Torah (which can be delegated to a shaliach through this process) as one of the 77 Mitzvat Asei that are applicable in our days of exile from the Temple. 

It is amazing to see some of the reactions that have come forward as a result.  Some people have rejected the concept suggesting it is not appropriate.  Yet the method being applied is a traditional practice in Jewish communities the world over.

 Frankly, it is pretty sad that some people would seem to think that either the presentation of a Torah, the most precious and unifying possession of any Jewish community, or the funding of Torat Chaim, the limmud of a Yeshivah, is not an appropriate activity to market. 

Whilst this reaction has been the exception, not the rule, it really is sad that some people have had their religious Jewish identity severed to the extent that they cannot embrace a Simcha such as this.  We can only conclude that the initiative has struck a raw nerve, and that vocal opposition is merely an expression of subconcious guilt.

Jewgle will go on record to say that this is one of the most important and wonderful undertakings of Perth Jewry in the past few years, of which there have been many.  It deserves everybody’s support as a community wide event.  Those who snub the occasion are only distancing themselves from their heritage and sadly they are missing out. 

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