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Gedalia’s back

Having been away for a few weeks, and much richer from my experiences, I look forward to resuming blogging several times a week.

Much has happened in the world in such a short space of time. 

Each morning the sun has arisen, but there was one morning in particular, being Erev Pesach, when a large crowd recited Bircat Hachama on the Maccabean oval.  This rare event (which occurs once every 28 years as the sun reaches the same point in the solar cycle where it was at its creation) was a wonderful moment to be part of.  In particular, I marvelled at the way in which the Hebrew calendar was constructed so many years ago without the aid of modern technology.  In fact, if you peruse the Talmud and follow conversations about the interaction of the solar and lunar cycles, it is amazing to think of the mathematical genius and astrological accuracy of our forbears, particularly the sage Hillel some 1,600 years ago.

Here we are in Perth Australia, marking a once in a generation event as a Jewish community well connected to our heritage.

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