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Its been an interesting launch for JewglePerth.

Having been asked many times who is behind this blog, and having heard some creative (and inaccurate) suggestions as to who we are, I’d like to clear the air a little more. 

Firstly, we are a team, not one person.  You will see posts on this blog from a number of people, who may well not agree with each other on many issues. 

Secondly, we are not hiding behind anonymous titles because we are ashamed of putting names to ideas.  We believe that the quality of discussion is more honest and free from bias if it is in a fully open and unbranded forum.

Finally, as we mentioned earlier, we are not out to be critical without cause, or to unnecessarily stir up resentment.  We will call things as we see them, but not without constructive intent that is aimed towards better quality Jewish living in our city.  There is an old joke about the waiter who works in a Jewish restaurant.  He goes up to the table and asks “Is anything alright?”.  From the generation of Moses, Jews have loved to complain, and its true to say that at times we have had genuine cause to complain about many things.  But we are also taught “lo bashamiem he” – that our arguments and rationale of debating has a purpose and objective within it to support Jewish ideals.  That is what we are about, and we invite you to over the time ahead to involve yourself in our discussions.  Some of the greatest innovations in Jewish community development have come from isolated comments, throw away lines, and even wholesome Jewish wit.  Who knows, something good may result from your participation.

If there are any topics you would like to explore in this forum, please leave a comment or send us an email.

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