Maccabean Review 13/7/07

Maccabean Review 13/7/07

This is the first entry of our blog section that focuses on content published within the Maccabean Newspaper. Hopefully I will make it a regular feature every week so here goes ….

This weeks frontpage contains coverage of the Rabbi Magonet Address last week. The title “Rabbi” conferred on a person preaching
the reform viewpoint is slightly ambitious but we’ll let that one slip through.

The piece de la resistance is this statement ” Jesus is firmly locked into the Jewish Tradition” and Christians share the Torah. I am not sure what this guy has been studying but just to set the record straight. Jesus was a very naughty naughty boy. He was not the Messiah. His connection to Judiasm is that he was Jewish and killed by the Romans just like a lot of our brothers and sisters were during that period in history. Secondly Christians do not share the Holy Torah they share a common belief in the ethics derived from the 10 commandments. The next time an orthodox Rabbi addresses the community I hope to see their viewpoint reported in as much detail as “Rabbi” Magonet.

Letters to the editor hit a new high this week. It appears that when you have no more effective arguments to challenge the orthodox position you change tack and try and argue the free speech, everyone has their own view position. There is so much material in these letters that they will get there own blog soon enough.

Congrats to the WA Jewish Lawyers Association having its inaugrual meeting in a few week. Kol Hakovod to the lawyers who are behind this its a fantastic effort. Glad to see the functions you are having are kosher, perhaps some other “Jewish” organisations could follow your example.

Buried on page 7 is the Perth Yeshivah Parsha Hashavuch. Is there any reason this can not be seen before page 7 ? I guess having a reform Rabbi speak is more important than the holy words of Hashem.

 There is an overwhelming theme in some of the articles this week to do with interfaith between Arabs and Jews, Muslims and Jews, Jews and Christians, Muslims and Christians. Not sure what line the Maccabean is pushing other than a possible merger with the local muslim paper perhaps ?

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