Media duplicity

Media duplicity

The media are starting to discover their own shortcomings.

Just like the ABC, News Ltd often feature syndicated stories from the middle east written by correspondents who do nothing other than push their own political mandate.  This is especially rampant when the reports come from so called journalists who do not live in a free society.

This article shows a report by the Iranian PR regime that found its way into some of the most widespread and dominant media in the world.  The only problem – the photo was doctored. 

Its not the first time that photos have been doctored or that staged media displays have been exposed.  Yet again, this incident highlights all that is wrong about our media.

 Update:  12 July

It seems the above story has attracted a fair amount of media attention.  What has now become apparant is that the original story was broken by one of the world’s best blogs – Little Green Footballs.  

The West Australian covered the story today, but completely missed the point.  They focussed on the significance of Iran’s efforts and the political analysis.  The actual story here however is that many of the worlds major media outlets accepted this photo and ran it as fact.  Each and every day nations put their propaganda forward as news and our papers parrot it out for sales dollars.  They are too lazy to employ journalists, or are too politically correct to upset their sources in subjugated societies.   When they get caught they apologise, make a lame excuse, and then get self righteous about their own supposed journalistic integrity. 

Tonight LGF has come up with another scoop.  Here are the pictures from the latest Iranian missile test.

Or check out this doctored photo from the wired blog network 


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