More ABC bias

More ABC bias

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation are known to have a serious anti-Israel bias and once again, have come out with some creative reporting. This report, dated 5th of February 2008, shows how when Egypt and Hamas trade fire, resulting in one death and 59 wounded, Israel is to blame.

That’s right – according to the ABC when Hamas and Egypt, a sovereign nation in its own right, kill each other, it’s because Israel made them do it.

There’s no need for either side to be held accountable for their own actions. There’s no need to take into account the fact that Israel wasn’t involved at all. Just lay the blame at Israel’s feet. So next time you crash you car or loose your keys, you know who to blame, right?

Now, in the same week, there’s been a lot of talk about the cutting of 4 undersea fibre optic cables, which carry communications between a series of countries, namely, Qatar, Dubai, Egypt, Iran and India. This is also, according to the ABC, Israel’s doing. Oh, and their source for this information – some random guy’s blog:

“…Online columnist Ian Brockwell says the cables may have been cut deliberately in an attempt by the US and Israel to deprive Iran of internet access…”

Since when has some random person’s personal opinion constituted valid a media reference?

Besides, what would be the strategic point of cutting Iran’s already very limited (by their own government, who doesn’t wish its citizens to see what the rest of the World thinks about it) Internet access? Does Iran use MSN Messenger to communicate to its Army a pending invasion?

Never mind the fact that in reality, one of the cables wasn’t cut at all – it was an internal power failure at the Qatar base, caused by bad management. Then just ignore that fact that the other three cables were cut by boat anchors, after Egypt’s port management erroneously directed large sea-fairing vessels to anchor in the wrong place. No! None of that matters when there’s a handy Israel to blame! Of course it was those evil Jews and their sneaky Mossad! Anyway, we’ve already established above that anything Egypt does wrong, it’s safe to blame Israel for.

So does the ABC have a retraction planned for these misleading articles? Don’t be silly. Positive news stories about Israel are clearly against ABC policy.

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