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More news from racist aparthied Israel

I have been very shocked that our local newspapers and websites include letters from people that accuse Israel of being rascist and aparthied.  Yes, we live in a world of free speech.  But publications like the Perth Voice should have more respect and dignity than to publish letters that contain quotes like “Israel is guilty of ethnic cleansing Palestine by people transfer, terrorism, oppression and murder”. 

Here is an item from the Israeli cabinet that shows the true attitude and policies of the Israel Government:

The Cabinet discussed and approved a 2010-2014 plan for the economic development of communities in the minorities sector (including the Arab, Bedouin Druze and Circassian communities).
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks:
“In the first stage, we have chosen 12 Bedouin and Arab communities, with approximately 400,000 residents. We will invest NIS 800 million in these communities in developing employment, housing solutions and strengthening human capital, and in boosting law enforcement and personal security.
It is important to us that alongside full civil equality before the law, which exists – of course – for all Israelis, that there be equality of economic opportunity in employment, infrastructures, education and quality of life, in the non-Jewish sector.  Our goal will be to expand the initial plan to many other communities. I think that this is very important in our view of the State of Israel as a regional power and as a global technological power, that all of its Jewish and non-Jewish citizens be able to enjoy the benefits of internal prosperity and progress.”
The plan will focus on 12 communities (Maghar, Sakhnin, Shfaram, Nazareth, Arrabe, Tamra, Daliyat al-Carmel-Isfiya, Tira, Kafr Kassem, Um al-Fahm, Kalansua and Rahat), that together include approximately 370,000 residents, and concentrate on four main areas: economic development for employment, housing and real estate, transportation access and personal security/law enforcement.
The plan will be based on the following principles:

A) Partnership with, and involvement by, local authorities in implementing the plan;
B) Maintaining program continuity, fostering stability and continuity in local authorities vis-à-vis implementation, including during changes in local administration;
C) Creating economic activity based on the communities’ relative advantages; and
D) Ensuring appropriate control and oversight of the plan.
The goals of the plan are as follows:

A) Increasing local residents’ per capita income;
B) Advancing and upgrading economic infrastructures in order to create appropriate conditions for economic development;
C) Increasing local authorities’ sources of revenue;
D) Developing human-professional and physical capital in local authorities; administrative systems;
E) Creating professional mechanisms in the local authorities that will support economic development and upgrading real estate markets;
F) Increasing human capital and
G) Increasing personal security, and both awareness of the issue of violence and the means to deal with it.


In other news, of the more than 850,000 Jewish refugees who left Arab countries since 1948, approximately 600,000 sought refuge in the State of Israel having been forced to abandon their homes, businesses and possessions worth millions as they fled for their lives.  Their citizenship was revoked, their bank accounts confiscated, and the money used to finance the war against Israel. Still in 2010, these countries have laws that deny basic human rights to Jews. 

For the avoidance of doubt, it should be noted that subjugated Jews are not a news story.  However, Israel is rascist and aparthied, as the free and democratic Arab world have determined this to be so, therefore it must be true and worthy of news coverage.

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