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Congratulations to the West Australian today for promulgating the latest newspeak terminology for a missile that is designed to kill people.  Here is the term of the moment:


“Soldiers scrambled to evacuate babies from a day care centre inthe rocket-scarred town of Sderot yesterday after a projectile fired by Palestinian militants thudded into the courtyared. None of the 15 babies at the centre were hurt…..”

“Sderot – a working class twon of 22,000 has been battered by thousands of crude projectiles launced in recent years from the Gaza Strip” The rockets rarely cuase serious injuries or damage, but they have killed 12 people in the last seven years and, because of their frequency, wreak panic in the town”.

The article is flanked by a picture of “former Palestinian militant Amani Sami” and his bride getting married.

This relentless culture of the media is no less sickening. Bombs get fired into town,to be reported as a minor inconvenience, and terrorists get married, to be publicised and cheered on.

I’m willing to bet that if approximately 50,000 Kassam rockets were fired into Perth from the suburbs of Melville that the West Australian would not be reporting that projectiles were merely causing jitters amongst the population. They would also not be assisting the terrorists firing weapons by helping to justify their cause, and tacitly endorsing their actions through sympathetic publicity. Its time to stop humanising Palestinian terrorists and dehumanising Israeli victims.

I cannot understand how such morally warped publicity continues to be generally accepted by hundreds of thousands of readers of a newspaper who do not appear to be disturbed or concerned about reports that are skewed to transform acts of terrorism into everyday justifiable occurances.

Demanding accountability from the paper is futile.  What else can we do?

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