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Although the consequences of the outcome of the US election will be minimal for Australia, but more influentual for Israel, the euphoria surrounding this poll is somewhat stunning.  I am getting sick of watching news reports that say the poll is all over, that Obama has an unasailable lead.  Once again the media is given free license to create the narrative of their choice.  The consumer public have lost the free thinking ability to challenge the difference between “news” and “editorial”.

I don’t mind reading editorial if it is thought provoking, challenging, open-minded and substantiated by good source material.  There is an editorial in today’s West Australian that is just that.  Entitled “Obama yet to provice he is a man of substance” the article concludes as follows:

“And his talk of negotiating with countries like Iran and Syria raises the possibility that he could become an appeaser in the face of threats to world security, making him more of a vacillating Jimmy Carter than a decisive John F Kennedy”.

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