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To the group of people who placed advertisements in our daily papers calling for protest and divestment by Australian’s in the face of Israeli “War Crimes”, I would like to write what I really think. However this blog will not tolerate defamatory speech, and I do not wish to stoop to the immoral depth of insulting behaviour that these so called Palestinian advocates manage to acheive.

Perhaps the words of Denis Maceoin as published on the Jerusalem Post will express the sentiment of hypocracy that underpins their terrorist loving crusade:

It is all self-contradictory: The Left supports gay rights, yet attacks the only country in the Middle East, where gay rights are enshrined in law. Hamas makes death the punishment for being gay, but “we are all Hamas now”. Iran hangs gays, but it is praised as an agent of anti-imperialism, and allowed to get on with its job of stoning women and executing dissidents and members of religious minorities. If British Prime Minister Gordon Brown swore to wipe France from the face of the earth, he would become a pariah among nations. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatens to do that to Israel and is invited to speak to the UN General Assembly. Israel guarantees civil liberties to all its citizens, Jew or Arab alike, but it is dubbed an apartheid state; Hamas, ever the bully, kills its opponents and denies the rest the most basic rights, but we march on behalf of Hamas.

The Free Palestine movement and their group of notable friends blame Israel for the conditions in Gaza. Perhaps they need to question their “fair and freely elected” Hamas Government. They also claim in their advertisement that “Palestinain families were murdered while they had picnics on the beach”. The lack of credibility and moral inversion within their claims beggers belief. But what else should one expect from esteemed ABC news presenters, academics, actors, Catholic Bishops and trade unionists?

I invite each person who signed that ad to travel to Israel and Gaza, and see first hand the cultural differences between the two societies. Take a picnic on the shores of Ashkelon (provided you remain within 15 seconds of a bomb shelter), and savour the hospitality of the Cities residents. Take the opportunity to personally deliver aid into the suburbs of Gaza. Attend a few school lessons through the UNWRA classes, and make sure to attend an interfaith vigil at a local Mosque. If you do all of that, come back and talk to me, and I’ll gladly pay for your next ad in the newspaper.

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