Palestinians reject another peace offer

Palestinians reject another peace offer

The ABC is carrying news today that the Palestinian leadership has rejected another “land for peace” deal, this time offered by current and beleaguered Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert.

Once again, when offered a chance at statehood and peace, Palestinian leadership has shown it favours the path of terrorism and violence, by stating that such a proposal, which offered all of the Gaza strip (plus extra land around it) and over 90% of the West Bank could not be taken seriously.

Instead, Mr Abbas claimed that they would only accept a deal which saw the West Bank and Gaza connected by a land bridge (thus cutting Israel in half), complete control of Jerusalem and removal of every single Jewish settlement outside the 1967 borders. As he knows full well this will never happen (one hopes, but you never know with Olmert), this is tantamount to admitting they will never accept any peace deal.

Hamas officials stated that they wouldn’t even be interested in looking at the deal.

An interesting analysis of this cycle can be found here.

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