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Today (October 30th 2007 – 18 Heshvan 5768) is World Solidarity Day for the release of Israel’s kidnapped soldiers.

In yet another impressive sign of leadership by the Zionist youth of Perth, organisations including Bnei Akiva, Habonim, the Torah MiTzion Perth Yeshiva, AUJS, Hagshama, and Carmel School are hosting a solidarity event tonight.  In addition to a ceremony, there will also be a panel discussion regarding the situation, and the signing of petitions calling on the soldiers release. 

The world connection relating to this issue can be seen on the website

One of the most important, and often neglected mitzvot of the Torah is pidyon Shuvaiim, the redemption of a captive.  This is the responsibility of a whole community. 

I am proud that the Perth Jewish community is participating in this campaign, and that advocating for the liberty of our soldiers below is being undertaken in the most active and practical way possible from this far afield.

• Ehud Goldwasser
• Eldad Regev
• Gilad Shalit
• Zachary Baumel
• Tzvi Feldman
• Yehuda Katz
• Ron Arad
• Guy Hever

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