Perth Protest

Perth Protest

As I write a group of protestors in Perth are demonstrating against Israel:

Locals to protest Israel’s ‘all-out war’
Chalpat Sonti
December 31, 2008 – 7:58AM

A WA-based pro-Palestinian group will march through Perth streets today calling on Israel to stop its attack on Gaza.

As the attacks – described by Israeli defence minister Ehud Barak as “an all-out war on (militant Palestinian group) Hamas and its proxies” – continue, the group Friends of Palestine WA will protest at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on St George’s Terrace this afternoon.

It will follow a rally at the Wesley Church in the city at 12.30pm, where speakers are expected to include Greens Senator Scott Ludlam and Curtin University professor and co-convenor of the WA Social Justice Network Gavin Mooney.

Friends of Palestine spokesman Alex Whisson said it was hoped up to 500 people would march from the church from about 1pm. They wanted the attack and siege of Gaza ended immediately and medical supplies to be allowed into the area.

The group was particularly angered at the comments of Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who said Hamas had brought the violence upon itself.

“We dispute that claim. The Australian Government has really taken quite a biased perspective on what’s happened, so we think (DFAT) is a legitimate target for our protest,” Mr Whisson said.

“I think there’s a lot of feeling in the community around this.”

If these morally deprived protesters were informed, they would see that 100 trucks of medical supplies were sent into Gaza yesterday by Israel, that civilian bombing victims are being treated in Israeli hospitals, and that Israel is targetting terrorist infrastruction with surgical precision.  Maybe they should protest the 70 missiles that Palestinians fired into Israel within the last 24 hours, aimed at civilians.

Please do yourself a favour and read these two article about the depth of feeling in Israel Â

 Very Disproportionate, Indeed by Marty Peretz

Stop Talking about Peace and Start Talking about Justice. By David Moriah


Tosspot of the day award

Goes to Harvey Deegan of 6PR for interveiwing Whisson and displaying supreme ignorance about the situation.Â

Harvey says he doesn’t want to assign blame to either side, he just notes that civilians are being killed.  That is precisely the problem.  There is a side at fault in this conflict and that side needs to be blamed.  Today tens of thousands of Israelis sit in shelters, schools have been closed, surgery cancelled, and life disturbed while missiles continue to strike towns and cities.  Those missiles are aimed at civilians everywhere, and are very much indiscriminate.  However Israel’s attack is targetted towards the source of the violence and aggression.  That alone speaks volumes about the mentality by which each side to this war approaches the battle.  It is very evident that Israel is doing all it can to avoid civilian casualty in a military campaign it would rather not have to confront.

For months Hamas have threatened and attacked Israel and continue to refuse to even acknowledge the right of Israel to exist.  Thousands of missiles have been launched, and there comes a point where everybody understands that Israel can no longer tolerate this threat to its sovereignty.  This context is vitally important to the discussion.Â

So Harvey, why not get some balance into your coverage (as many of your listeners have demanded) and focus your attention on the real victims of this conflict.  How about those Israeli’s who were evicted from their homes, which were then turned into terrorist training camps.  Today those people are taking shelter in concrete pipes, because the temporary accomodation (caravans) that the Israeli Government have given them to “resettle” cannot withstand the missiles that are being fired from their former homes.Â

Yes Harvey, this is a highly emotive topic.  Precisely because there are so many people like you out there who have consumed a false narrative about this conflict, that does nothing other than contribute to the appeasement of terrorists and the shedding of more blood (most of it Jewish blood).

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