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Political Over Reach

Who is Senator Fatima Payman ?

Historically in Australia Foreign policy is always officially conducted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the PM, and not by Senators. Daniel Andrews attempted to interfere with foreign policy when Premier of Victoria. Twiggy Forest had a crack too, when China introduced punishing tariffs on many Australian products. Political Over Reach is common amongst the politically naive.

Today in light of the conflict and ensuring tragedy In Israel anyone and everyone thinks they need to pass judgement. Senator Fatima Payman could not resist throwing her hat, sorry Hijab into the Foreign Policy ring today with this speech. It represents a severe case of Political Over Reach.

Somehow equating Israel with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is comparable. Was Russia provoked by Ukraine ? Were citizens of Russia including babies and children kidnapped, tortured and raped by Ukraine ? Did Ukrainian terrorists share the footage of the depravity on social media ?

Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005. Responsibility was then handed to the Palestinian (Lack of) Authority. Soon thereafter in a military coup HAMAS (A designated terrorist organisation) seized control. Up until the 7th Oct 2023, Israel let many supplies into Gaza. When Israel’s citizens were murdered in cold blood on 7/10/23 the border was shut. No aid was able to enter Gaza since. Hardly an overreaction to the state of affairs by Israel.

Many readers would ask why Israel provided food, gas, water and fuel to the Gaza Strip. Egypt has a common border and could have provided assistance ? To claim that the Gaza Strip is the sole responsibility of Israel is foolish. It demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the Middle East. Keep in mind that up to 20,000 people a day crossed the Gazan border to work in Israel prior to 7th Oct 2023.

Terrorism occurs because it is funded, planned and aided and abetted.

Your speech to Parliament, is painstakingly careful not to mention HAMAS at all, as if to say terrorism occurs randomly. Terrorism occurs because it is funded. Penny Wong, can speak to this more than I. Just this week 10 Million dollars of taxpayer money was sent to the Palestinians. It has been well documented in the past that our Humanitarian Aid often ends up in the pocket of terrorists through HAMAS and other terrorist organisations.) Terrorism occurs because it is planned and most of all Terrorism occurs because it is aided and abetted by a cohort of people and organisations willing to spread lies and twist the truth for their own personal gain without realizing the consequences.

The naivety of your speech is breathtaking

As for claims that Israel uses White Phosphouros this has been denied officially by the state of Israel, so attempting to create more division to increase your standing, is disingenuous at best. Why mention that Israel targets civilians without providing context. For the record Israel does not and never has targeted civilians. If it had Gaza would have been devoid of any life within 48 hours of the atrocities that HAMAS committed on Oct 7th 2023.

What is inconsistent with humanity is your ability to differentiate between good and evil. Just like HAMAS actions are also inconsistent with Humanity. It’s time you lift your standard if you are representing the citizens of this fine state.

Foreign policy dreaming

If your dream is to one day be involved in Foreign Policy then there is a lot of work to do, lest you upset one of the Arab nations such as Afghanistan where according to your parliamentary website page, you were born. To this day in Afghanistan women have no voice, are not allowed to leave free lives, citizens suffer from a lack of food and basic necessities, people are tortured and disappear never to be heard of again. So dispute your home country suffering so much at the hands of the Taliban the only country worthy of your attention is Israel ?

The people of Western Australia are appalled by your criticism of Israel as they go about rescuing their hostages and fighting to eliminate terrorism.

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  1. The Labour Party seem to have quite a few foreign affairs ministers at the moment. Tony Burke is another one.

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