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It came to my attention after this last Shabbos, through a friend, that some people have taken the opinion that this site is “extremely anti-PHC”. These feelings are based on comments posted against various articles on this site, as though some-how the author of the article is responsible for comments people post against it.

Very strong feelings were expressed that this site should be immediately taken down and that those who run it should be ashamed of themselves, for having such opinions expressed in public. This is despite the fact that this site has articles very much in favour of the community contribution made by PHC, and not one single article against it.

I should not need to remind anyone (but clearly I do) who reads this or any other Internet site, that comments posted against articles are just that – comments. Such comments are posted by members of the general public. They do not represent the view of anyone other than the individual who posted that comment. If you disagree with the commenter, feel free to post your own comment, in reply.

To put this in perspective, comments posted to this site are like letters written to the Maccabean. If someone writes a letter to the Maccabean saying something you don’t like, do you become angry at the Maccabean? No, because you understand the Maccabean didn’t write that letter, some member of the general public did. The only difference is the Maccabean, for practical reasons, can’t print every letter, where as we can and do. In this regard, a better analogy would be talk back radio. You’re hardly likely to blame the ABC for someone who calls up one of their shows and says something you don’t agree with.

So to sum up let me make things crystal clear. This site has no bias from one Shule to another. All the Shule’s of Perth form an integral part of this community and we’re simply glad they’re all here.

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