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So long and thanks for all the lies

ABC Middle East “Correspondent” Anne Barker is being moved from her current post in Jerusalem to take on the role of “South Asia” Correspondent.

Anne was, in my opinion, one of the most biased anti-Israel reporters the West has produced, frequently showing contempt for all things Jewish or Israeli. Despite living in Israel for the last few years as part of her job, she displayed no effort in learning the local language, instead focusing on Arabic and has failed to provide a single positive article about Israel in the years she was stationed there

Anne could always be relied upon to fail to report on any provocations against Israel, such as failing to report on any rocket attacks against Israeli citizens during her tenure and ignoring virtually all provocations from the PA, Hizbollah or Hamas.

Likewise, Anne could always be relied upon to rush to press with anything negative she could say about Israel. Just take a look at the ABC’s Israel page and click through the articles from Anne:

This decision by the ABC leaves only Ben Knight covering the entire Middle East for the time being. Ben is a much more measured and honest reporter, who always makes an effort to cover the story from a more middle ground position. While he is certainly very critical of Israel, at least his criticism comes across as being somewhat valid and not purely vindictive and spiteful, as was the case with Anne Barker.

Hopefully, this will result in an improvement in the reporting coming out of this region of the World from the ABC, who as I have said on this forum several times, are far and away the most anti-Israel media outlet in this half of the World.

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