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“In less than 3 months after trillions of dollars “disappeared” from the world markets, and seeing that the US banking system is run by jews, who never steal from each other, the question must be asked. Is Israel the recipient of the missing trillions???”

Just one of the comments on the webpages of our publicly funded State Broadcaster the ABC.

Having had a day of viewing anti-Israel reporting and commentary online, in the papers, on the radio, and on TV, I feel that Israel has lost the hearts and minds of many Australians who deserve to be better informed.  It is quite reasonable for a person to think that the bombing should stop, and that a negotiated solution should be enforced.  However many Australian’s don’t realise that this is a fight against uncompromising terrorists.  This is a war on territory that was unilaterally vacated by Israel.  If there is a humanitarian crisis and starvation, then this is the fault of the Hamas regime who have not directed aid to the people.  If Israel has blocaded entry of supplies, it is because of the supply of munitions that travel in with the food and medical aid.

All of the media are showing images of bloodied children.  When blood pours out of the vains of injured and murdered Israeli’s it is not paraded around the cameras of the world.  Jewish society has more respect that this.  However the PR machine is in overdrive.  How many of these pictures are genuine and how many are staged is anyones guess.  I’ve seen some images of a supposidly injured child being carried several different groups of people into a hospital.

What about the stories we are not hearing?  I read about the 35 suspected collaborators that were taken from prisons to a Gaza hospital, then shot and counted as civilian victims.  There is no way of ever verifying such a story, but I have no reason to doubt it.  After all, these are people who throw people off the roof of a building for sport.

Who knows what will come in the next few days?  At the moment our media simply do not get it.  Israel will be blamed as an aggressor, and the terrorist stronghold of Hamas will be legitimised by the media.  The consequences of this are very dire.

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