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The Destruction of Trust

Summer in Australia is all about holidays, time with family, relaxing and watching cricket. Lucky for us Aussies, we get to choose between test, one day and Big Bash formats. Besides stirring up division in the world of cricket Big Bash League has brought us a shortened form of entertainment and rephrased a ball scoring no runs to what is commonly known as a DOT Ball.

The summer of 2023 and beginning of 2024 has been different for all the wrong reasons as not a day has gone by without witnessing a different kind of DOT, the destruction of trust. On a global, national or local level as citizens, Jews, or spectators we are continually exposed to events that cause us to shake our head in disbelief and question the world as it stands today.

The DOT effect didn’t happen in a vacuum António Guterres. It didn’t start with the Oct 7 massacre in Israel, it started many years ago and exploded into a co-ordinated effort coinciding with Oct 7.

United Nations

On a global level The United Nations led the charge when the UN Secretary-General António Guterres made comments that the Hamas attack on October 7 in which 1,400 people were killed “did not happen in a vacuum.” These comments should not surprise you. It is no secret that the UN is Hamas in Gaza, enabling their buildings to be used as shelter for terrorists and launch sites for rockets. They are backed so far into the proverbial corner with Hamas that even if they did want to own up to their crimes it would so destroy their credibility, that the very institution would implode.  

What makes the destruction of trust worse is knowing UN funded staff have been complicit in holding hostages and sanctifying an educational curriculum in Gaza\West Bank and brainwashing a generation into vile hatred of their neighbours for being Jewish. Watching the various united Nations representatives walk back comments on Israel is better entertainment than the highwire act at the circus, because the believe it re-establishes their credentials when they look even more foolish.

Me Too Movement

The Me Too movement has been so quick to jump on allegations of sexual abuse against women in the past, it would make Ursain Bolt look slow running the 100m sprint. When it involves Jewish women the organisation took over two months to wake up and issue a statement which could only draw morale equivalence between the events on Oct 7 and the suffering of women in other countries such as Palestine, Sudan, Congo, and Tigray.

The destruction of trust in the me too movement was already on the decline when the tactics they employ were exposed as a clear violation of natural justice and human rights. Their recent statements on Israel further cements their destruction, they just need to wake up and see what the quiet people see.

Red Cross

The history of the Red Cross started as a vision by Swiss businessman Jean-Henri Dunant after witnessing the horrors and mass solider deaths in the Battle of Solferino. He took the lead role in organising relief assistance without discrimination. His efforts and vision become the founding principles of this organisation.

Since the establishment of the Red Cross the organisation has built up a solid track record in medical assistance in warzones and difficult situations. It also has a dubious record on the admission of Magen David Adom by also admitting at the same time the Red Crescent organisation. On how many occasions have The Red Crescent ambulances been used to ferry terrorists and their weapons or how many times The Red Crescent ambulance appears as the primary vehicle in some fake pallywood video depicting Israel as the one and only aggressor.

As if the destruction of trust in the Red Cross was not enough they so far have not made any attempt to visit the hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. I saw a meme recently that drew the missing edges on the Red Cross logo to create a swastika, which considering their recent form is particularly apt.

3 Wise Monkeys

Closer to home at a national level the current labour Government lead by Anthony Albanese has found itself caught between a rock and a hard place. Pandering to their union, activist and voter base, they have successfully started to alienate the more moderate supporters. It’s one thing to show moral confusion on the 7th Oct massacres but quite another thing to start alienating the general population who have begun to realise how inept, confused and spineless our current government has become.

Labour have not yet destroyed our trust in them to speak from both sides of their mouths, go against previous voting policy at the UN in support of Israel or send confusing dangerous messages to the population inciting violence. Graham Richardson a former labour Senator once said, “the mob will work it out” and in the 2025 election year they will send a clear message.

Underestimating the voting public’s intelligence is playing high risk politics. Most decent people see what happened in Israel on Oct 7th as the culmination of Iran’s regional threats playing out in the middle eastern arena. If the same scenario played out in Australia I wonder what Penny Wong’s reaction would be ? Hint, start working it out because Chinese regional ambitions will not consider your responses as relevant unless you show some morale backbone and call out terrorism for what it is.

Sydney Theatre Company

The Sydney Theatre Company which has(d) many Jewish sponsors and supporters is discovering how quickly the destruction of trust can occur when employees politicise the stage. The response should have been quicker and the action against the people involved should have been very direct to send a clear message. If you are deemed to have breached your employment agreement then employment may no longer be an option.

Without serious consequences there is no deterrent against rogue unsanctioned activities. Ask the NSW police force how their deterrent force is weakened when they were not allowed/did not take the opportunity to arrest extremist Muslim’s for chanting chanting calls of genocide against the local Jewish population in Oct 2023 ?  The destructive effect in the USA of the defund the police campaigns is clearly visible in the statistics. Black on black violence has skyrocketed and local residents are scared. Is Australia willing to head the same way or is it only when the Jewish population is involved ?

There is enough material to write another 100 pages of examples of how the universities, media, industry groups and the public schooling system are failing us by sending dubious messages to the general population in response to the Oct 7th massacre.

As the old saying goes the Jews are the canary in the coal mine. The same institutions libelling the Jews see no reason to be entirely honest and conflict free for the general population of hard working, honest and decent citizens.


The ABC, Australia’s public broadcaster has destroyed so much of the love and trust that the population had for it over the past generations it is has become the biggest drain on taxpayer funds, where as it should be a contributor. It’s political coverage is now so one sided and advocacy driven that every morsel of information has to be fact checked against other sources just to see what has been “left out”. Lying by omission has been the modus operandi for such a long time, I am sure it is has become actual policy.

How can I get to the end of this article and not mention Woolworths. The newest entrant on the Dot index decided it could tell Australians what to be buy according to their political and social agenda for the upcoming Australia Day. The opposition leader Peter Dutton has come out swinging, telling Australians to vote with their feet and hard earned dollars. Heed that message because the only way companies and people learn is when you remove the financial incentive. The more people cancelling their subscriptions to the Sydney Theatre company, not watching the ABC, buying Australia day merchandise elsewhere will send the message that the perpetrators of misguided woke philosphy need to hear and feel for themselves.

It’s just not cricket

Usman Khawaja’s politically opportunistic stunt using the cricket arena as a platform is the new gold standard in hypocrisy, and ironic, because he should be avoiding DOT balls as well as any kind of destruction of trust in the very game that pays his wages.

A Pakistan born Australian who enjoys all the privileges of our way of life, dresses up his messaging as peace when in actual fact it is one sided support for Gaza and Hamas. No protest after Oct 7th for all the Jews murdered in cold blood by the barbaric Hamas regime; however as soon as Israel responds there is a need to express support for peace for the Gazans ?

I wonder if he will see fit to write similar messages of peace on his bat and shoes for the 2 million Afghan’s being deported from Pakistan ? I think not.

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