The media mourns another Terrorist

The media mourns another Terrorist

Partial commendation to the West Australian for their article about the death of George Habash.  At least the readers could see the type of person he was.  Not that he was called a terrorist, but a guerrilla.  It’s a fine line….. 

There have been many news reports praising Habash as a leader.  From the sort of people who also lauded Arafat as a leader and freedom fighter.  Take for example this quote, from the supposed moderate Palestinian President:

“Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas paid tribute to the “historic leader” and ordered flags to be flown at half-mast for three days in the Palestinian territories in mourning for his death.

“The death of this historic leader is a great loss for the Palestinian cause and for the Palestinian people for whom he fought for 60 years,” Mr Abbas said in a statement. ”

A decent journalist or editor would be asking how a peace partner of Israel could make a statement such as this, given the record of the deceased.  As reported by Arutz Sheva, here are some of the deeds of the movement led by Habash, the historic leader who is a great loss for his people:

  • 1970, the PFLP blew up a Swissair flight to Israel in midair. 47 people died, including 15 Israelis.
  • 1972, Japanese terrorists trained by the PFLP murdered 24 people, including 16 pilgrims from Puerto Rico, at Lod airport.
  • 1976, PFLP terrorists cooperated with German terrorists and hijacked an Air France jet to Entebbe, Uganda. The hostages were freed by Israel in a daring raid.
  • 1980, PFLP terrorists took over the children’s room at Misgav Am in northern Israel, and murdered a baby, as well as the kibbutz’s director.
  • 2001, a PFLP squad assassinated Israeli Minister Rechavam Ze’evi.
  • The PFLP carried out three suicide bombings between 2002 and 2004, at Karnei Shomron (3 murdered) at Geha Intersection (3 murdered) and at Shuk HaCarmel in Tel Aviv (3 murdered).
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