The West’s Anti Israel Campaign Growing

The West’s Anti Israel Campaign Growing

Under the heading “Anti Israel Campaign Growing” the West Australian has published an odious article today. The third paragraph reads “… against the backdrop of a mounting international campaign to boycott Israel because of its continuing occupation and conolisation of Arab territories seized 40 years ago”.

The word seized is used a second time later in the article: “The emergency Cabinet was formed by moderate President Mahmoud Abbas after the Islamic group Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip in mid-June”

Some context would be welcome. Firstly Israel “seized” this territory in a war that was forced upon it, and was not of its own instigation. Secondly, the implication that this is Arab territory is Palestinian narrative and far from historic fact. Israel has as much, (if not more!) right to claim these territories as Jewish land as the Palestinians have to claim these territories as Arab land. However the imbalance in the West’s reporting asserts only one side of this debate, and factually determines that this is Arab Territory.

For the record, it is a historic fact that these lands have never been under Muslim rule (previously they were under British soveriegnty, and prior to that under the Ottoman empire).

Also for the record, the cliche of “moderate” appended to the title of Mahmood Abbas is also a narrative that has got out of hand. This man wears a suit and wants to kill the Jewish State using more of an academic political strategy than the violent strategy favoured by Hamas. But he still heads a movement with a constitution that clearly calls for the destruction of Israel, and he still leads a people that will not accept the concept of coexistence. That is hardly moderate. I googled the words “Abbas” and “moderate”. I received 1,120,000 hits in 0.14 seconds. I also googled the words “Olmert” and “moderate” and recieved 560,000 hits. I did this a second time, adding into my search articles that do not also have the word “Abbas” and the count went down to 220,000 hits!

Some editorial balance from the West Australian would be appreciated.

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