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They just don’t get it

I had just been reading that since the Gaza incursion of January 2010 more than 400 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel.  One would think that any Country with enemies firing rockets into its soveriegn terrirtory would have the right to eradicate the threat against it’s citizens.  Not so Israel.

There is some breaking news in the Israel press that five rockets were fired at Israel this morning.  It would be easy to conclude that more of those enemies of Israel whose vision of the world does not allow for the existence of a Jewish State were launching a terrorist attack against the Country.  So, here is how the Australian News Services, taking the Associated Press feed chose how to report the issue:

ap item


Just another day in the world of Middle East reporting from Associated Press.  As an afterthought at the end of the item it is casually mentioned that rockets were aimed at Israel.  Surely this is the story that should be the focus of the headline.  Or is that Israel under seige is just not news anymore?

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