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Bein Hazman – its the end of the northern summer, and just a few weeks out from Chodesh Elul.  Its the time of year when our learned colleagues from Israel and the USA travel downunder to share their Torah learning with us.

For the third time the Project Seed crew are in Perth.  That the program has now opted to base its operations at Carmel School and not at a Shule, shows the strength of the community – our youth, are being recognised.  It also shows the maturity of the Jewish studies program at the school, and is a very positive change.  Both new and old members of the Seed team are here for a few weeks, and we look forward to benefiting from their program.

Each year we are also privileged to host madrichim from Israel for Zionist seminars.  Their activity is also youth focussed, with the school and Zionist Youth groups.  The quality of informal Jewish education that these people bring to our community is unsurpassed, and the value of this program is not sufficiently recognised.

Other guests are coming through town.  Tonight Rav Moshe Aberman from Yeshivat Har Etzion in Alon Shvut will be giving a Shuir.  Next week we welcome famous author and social commentator Naomi Ragen to Perth.  Rabbi Doron Kornbluth will also host a talk presented by Chabad. 

It is heartwarming to know that the small Jewish community of Perth has enough vibrancy to attract programs and visitors as we are now seeing.  We hope that the results of these activities are mutually beneficial, and we see a lot more interactive exchanges between our community and travelling educators. 

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