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Apparently there is a State Government election in Victoria.  The incumbent Premier is quoted in the weeks Australian Jewish News describing the Victorian Jewish Community as Australia’s largest and most vibrant.

He is half right.  It is the largest.  However it is a very subjective judgement as to how to define vibrancy.  Perhaps vibrancy is based on the proportion (percentage) of Jewish people who are involved in Jewish commuinty organisations?  Maybe the percentage of Jews who are financial members of a Synagogue?  Maybe the portion of Jewish children that go to a Jewish school or attend a Zionist youth movement?  Perhaps the number of olim?

Whatever the measure, if it comes down to a per capita measure of identity and involvement, I can think of at least five Jewish communities in Australia that can lay claim to greater vibrancy than Melbourne.  However I can’t think of any that top our Victorian Jewish bretheren when it comes to complancency and arrogance.

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