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We interrupt this blog

to advise that Gedalia’s regular blogging will recommence after the Shavout holiday.  He has been away in the eastern States wondering why Jews are often their own worst enemy.

One of the things we won’t be able to do is resume ABC regular broadcasting.  On Sunday night they have a Compass program about a South African who converted and became a Rabbi.  His story is amazing, and at one stage he visited Perth to tell us about his experience.  However, our culturally ignorant friends at the ABC have scheduled this program on Yom Tov, the Jewish festival of Shavout.  So we won’t be able to watch it.  I won’t say that this is anti-Semitic, but the ABC decision to screen the CNN documentary by Christine Amanapour probably is.  So much for public broadcasting.

Before signing off for a few days, some searches have been made on this blog, and some comments posted to the Carmel School parents list, about an incident that occured in Perth last Friday night.  Unfortunately some kids were assaulted as they walked home late on Friday night by some low-life scumbags who were at a party.  The only comment I wish to make is that this incident does not warrant hysteria.  It, like the previous incident we reported, was circumstantial.  There is a big difference between a person being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and a person being targetted as a result of their evident Jewish identity.  We always have to remain vigilent, and it is unfortunate that in Perth, like everywhere else in the world, there are uncultured, stupid, violent, and abusive people.  That’s not a reason for us to stop being Jewish, and a couple of small incidents do not indicate that anything has changed.  Thank G-d the incident was minor in terms of the physical damage inflicted, and that is very fortunate.  The situation post the event is no different – take care, walk in groups late at night, stay out of harms way, and don’t be paranoid – not everybody is out to get us!


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