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Why Perth doesn’t have a Kosher cafe or restaurant

I was chatting in a group of people  (both Jewish and non Jewish) the other day and the topic turned to eating out.

As an observant Jew living in Perth, “Eating Out” generally involves arranging kosher catering through our fantastic caterers (great food guys – thank you!), buying burger and chips once a week at Cafe Bnei, or kebabs at Dianella shule functions, attending annual shule functions or UIA fundraisers,  but mainly eating at the houses of other observant Jews.  Although that list seems long, when you break it down it really isn’t much in our day to day lives.

Back to the conversation. One Jewish lady sighed and lamented “It’s such a pity they can’t open Besh Fresh again. (looking sadly)… Why is that?”

Now usually I am very tolerant of other people’s observance. After all it’s not my business. It’s between them and the big guy. I have good friends who are non observant, and good friends of all religions – their religion is their business.

But not in this case.

I paused, took a breath and before I knew I had said it, looked her directly in the eye and replied:

“If all the Jews in Perth kept kosher, it would be open. Not enough people keep kosher in Perth to sustain it (Besh Fresh). If all the Jews in Perth kept kosher, we’d have more than just Besh Fresh. “

In other words – it’s your fault.

To the Jews out there that don’t keep kosher, or “keep kosher only at home but eat out” – IT”S YOUR FAULT.

Don’t you DARE complain to me that there are not enough facilities in Perth for you.

This is a standard case of supply and demand.

There is not enough demand to sustain a kosher cafe in Perth, and “they” have tried – several people have tried to increase Perth’s kosher facilities but inevitably fail BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

It may seem more convenient to eat treif, more socially acceptable, more fun

Yes – I too take the blame. I could have eaten there more, but there is only so many meals you can have out in a cafe while living your daily life. But if more of us had eaten there, it would have survived.

Perth has more than 7000 Jews. You’d think we could maintain a Kosher cafe or restaurant. We CAN.

But we ALL need to take responsibility to do it.

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