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Those who missed Yonatan Razel in concert last night missed an inspiring night of great music.

With his unique style of Reggae Jazz, Yonatan provided a full rendition of Carlebach style nigunnum and stories.

The concert could hardly be billed as a slick professional show- but the combined impact of last minute travel, the fast of Gedalia and a makeshift support band of highly talented musicians did not detract from the evening.  If anything, it provided greater feeling and a sense of accomplishment to the night.  Yonatan Razal injected great energy on stage, held his wonderful singing voice, and had his audience singing, dancing and tapping away.

It is a big and costly effort to bring an act such as this to Perth.  These events deserve every ounce of our support, espeically for the youth who turned out in full force.  There is a strong message in this – Perth is not Melbourne, but is big enough, committed enough, and supportive enough to allow the big ticket presentations that Melbourne enjoy to also feature here. 

To any Jewgle Perth readers in Melbourne – make sure you don’t miss out on seeing Yonatan Razek live.  Get the details through Hamayan on

A huge yisherkochechem to Chabad WA for their great work in presenting this concert.

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