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New Beginnings

Two weeks out from Rosh Hashana, and we are all focussed on changing ourselves, improving our ethical and interpersonal relationships, and rededicating ourselves towards the disciplines associated with Jewish observance. 

Today, the Torah MiTzion Perth Yeshivah program entered its second year of activity.  Four new bachurim arrived in Perth, and their new Rosh Kollel will I”YH, be joining them tomorrow. 

Having a yeshiva in a Jewish community is vital to the continuity and growth of Jewish life, all the more so in Perth where the community is small and desperately in need of tertiary Jewish learning facilities at an advanced level.  Our very talented youth stand to benefit the most.  As a community program the Yeshiva works across all shules and has a presence throughout the community to promote Torah learning.

Jewgle Perth congratulates the administrators of this facility, and acknowledges the arrival of the year two participants as no small accomplishment.  It no doubt costs serious money to relocate, feed, house and remunerate four students and a Rabbi.  I am told that the funding for this facility is through a grant facility based in Israel, but is also supported locally.

Programs such as this are revolutionising Jewish identity througout the world.  It is a source of serious pride that Perth Jewry is a benefactor of this initiative.  Read more about it on

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