What the?

What the?

Today’s West Australian newspaper has a big article about the Israeli debate surrounding the funding of haredi yeshivot, and the issues surrounding secular education being integrated into their curriculum.

A brilliant photo accompanies the article – a group of Tzioni (religious zionist) students!

It would probably be completely lost on the West Australian and their readership, but from an ideological point of view, the group of people pictured come from a movement that was built on the very basis of combining religious and secular studies into a single education system.  Although the students pictured were captioned as being “ultra orthodox”, and labelling or branding various Jewish streams is counterproductive in any case, this error from the west is quite amusing, and no doubt of huge embarassement to the paper. 

On a slightly more serious note, if this is the level of editorial understanding about Israeli society, then how are we supposed to believe or trust any of the other information that they publish about what happens in that region?    It is generally reasonably easy to distinguish between an ultra-orthodox Jew and a religious zionist Jew, but if that is the level of competence our major daily paper displays, serious questions have to be asked. 

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