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Perth Jewish Organisations and individuals considering supporting World Vision’s slick campaigns should read the following from the NGO Monitor Website:

  • Website:
  • Founded in 1950, World Vision International describes itself as a Christian relief and development organization; “a global partnership conducting child-focused emergency relief, sustainable community development and advocacy in 92 countries worldwide.”
  • claims charitable status in the United States and internationally; in addition to the majority of its funds, which are received from private donors, World Vision is also funded by US Aid, Irish Aid, and the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • has highly politicized agenda under the guise of “development assistance and justice”; active in promoting crude anti-Israel propaganda in the UN framework.
  • demonization and anti-Israel bias is expressed on the World Vision International and the Jerusalem-West Bank-Gaza websites; consistent failure to recognize Palestinian terrorism and its effects on Israelis, as well as a lack of context or explanation for Israeli measures to protect its citizens.

Follow this link to see a 3-page list of articles about World Vision anti-Israel activities.

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